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A three shredder line for 2" chips

Below are pictures of the latest shredding line we have completed. We have pioneered shredding lines many years ago. The whole purpose of a line of shredders is to increase throughput and reduce maintenance cost. By spreading the wear across three shredder, and by using a prograssively finer cut, the system can run for up to five times longer before any maintenance is required. Furthermore, shredders can be maintained one at a time, allowing the line to continue production. Even though the throughput will be slightly reduced when pulling one shredder off the line for maintenance, the other two shredders are still produce end material. Only with a shredding line can you achieve constant production.

This system is to be used in the Carolinas for ewaste and tires, but it can do much more. These are three of our 5444 model shredders. At the end of the system, there is a disc screen with a recirculating loop to ensure end product consistancy. This is basically a Fuel Chip system, even though it is to be used for primery reduction in an ewaste processing center. The machines were all setup and tested prior to final painting, which will occur during dismantling.

three shredder line for ewaste and tires 5

three shredder line for ewaste and tires 4

three shredder line for ewaste and tires 6

three shredder line for ewaste and tires 10

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